Friday, January 18, 2008

Assignment #14

1. Well I wrote my personal essay about my first dog Winnie. I chose her because I have had so many experiences with her and it was really easy for me to write about. My strengths about writing personal essays are that I have a really good memory. It is easy for me to recall things that have happened to me. Even if they might seem insignificant. The more details that I can remember the better. Stories can always use more detail. My weakness is that I have issues communicating everything that happens in a way that will make sense to the readers. I like writing personal essays compared to fiction because I don't need to make up as many details, I just have to remember them. No I probably wouldn't write one again only because it takes up so much of my time and I don't think I could do any better than the one I already wrote.

2. I think that reading is important because people have to read things every day. However I don't think that reading should play a significant role in a writers process. I Feel like when writers get their inspiration from another book, their book ends up being too much like the source of its inspiration. That gets annoying after a while. I mean, it's great to be inspired by another author's writing but is is way too easy to just go with a story line that is way too similar to the inspiration. Then all the things you read start sounding the same and that gets annoying. It's kind of like TV shows they all have basically the same story line and it just gets to bee too much repetition.

3. My favorite piece that I've written is my poem about my neighbors. It doesn't sound like anything that I've ever read before and I think it's creative. I also like comedy so I think that it's pretty comical. My favorite genera would probably have to be fiction. I like making things up and letting my imagination go crazy. It's fun for me to write about things that have never happened and never will happen. It's fun to imagine places that no one has thought about and wow people with what you can come up with. I HATED my scary story. It was just really bad. It really wasn't that scary. It sounded like any other scary story that might have been turned into a crappy movie and I just really hated it. I might use some skills that I learned in this class in the class room when I become an elementary school teacher. Other than that I don't think I'll have to use those skills anywhere else.

4. Quiz
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Li'l Wayne or Little Debbie: Li'l Wayne
McDonald's or Arby's: Arby's
Chiptole or Taco Bell: Taco Bell
American Idol or MTV: MTV
Buffalo Wings or Florida: Florida
New York City or Los Angeles: New York City
Name you like for your future daughter: Isabel
Name you like for your future son: Steve
What is or what will be the first country you see outside the continent of North America: Turkey Disney movie you would be most likely to watch on your 21st birthday: I probably won't be sitting at home watching Disney movies on my 21st b-day...

5. Can you figure out what Disney movie my blog title comes from? NO

Monday, January 7, 2008

Assignment #13

1. A principal that I go by in my life is to value my life. Life is too short to spend it trying to impress everyone else. I know that this is contradictory to what I previously wrote but if you don't do what you want to do and are constantly worrying about everyone else's opinion then you are wasting your life. People who are actors and models and singers didn't get to where they are now because the were like everyone else. They acted as their own person and stood out from the crowd and they have their lives in the spotlight. They are living the American dream. They decided to enjoy life and not hide their energy and are not afraid to love life!
2. What is one news event from the past year or so that has had some sort of impact on you, changed the way you viewed the world, or made you think. Explain what the event was and take us through the process of how it changed you. Write at least 75 words about it.
One news event form the past year that I kind of think about once in a while is all of the issues with Britney Spears. She has always been like my idol and it makes me really sad to see her struggle as much as she is. I think that people need to mind their own business and leave her alone. She has made mistakes but it isn't helping anything by chasing her down with news cameras and making fun of her on comedy shows. I think that its really rude and I think that the news people and the people who are making fun of her are the reasons behind her downfall. Oh yeah and by the way she wasn't that bad in the VMA performance.
3. I hope to finally finish my diet in June of 2008. It has been a goal of mine to loose weight but I never really have had the will power to do it so I finally started again about a month ago and I've lost 15 lbs and I'm hoping to keep going and hopefully I will loose about 30 more before summer. Another goal that I have is to settle on a college to go to. Right now its between River Falls and Mankato State. I really want to go to Mankato but my parents really want me to go to River Falls. I don't really know why I don't want to go there but I just don't. I'm kind of worried that if I don't go to River Falls then I'll miss out on a great opportunity for college but I don't really know what I want.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Assignment #12

1. Writing my play was a lot of fun for me. I got to write about what I was thinking about when I was thinking about it which was great. My only problem was the limitations to what I could do on stage. I originally wanted to have my play take place in several different settings but when you are performing something on stage it is difficult to do because there is a limited amount of space and time to put on a production. I personally don't like writing plays because I don't feel that I can be very creative because of all of the limitations. I also don't have the patience to write a play. If I have a good idea I roll with it but once I stop I completely loose interest.

2. I think I could write a story about my old dog Winnie because she is something that I'm really passionate about. I think if I wrote about her I would be able to keep going with all of y experiences with her form the day I brought her home to the day she died. She was very important to me and my family so I would be able to tell the story from more than one point of view. I could also write a story about my family and the things that go on in our lives. My family is unique to put it nicely and I think that a select few of my family members would be good characters to base a comedy off of.

3. If I had to tell a five year old kid something about growing up in this cruel world is to not have any individuality. If you are like everyone then people will like you. It doesn't make any sense to try and branch out and be your own person because people will just not except you. The only way to make friends is to have something in common. No one appreciates individuality everyone is just obsessed with being the best. My best advice for them is to buy what everyone else is buying and look like everyone else and you will have friends and life will be good for you.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Assignment #11

1. I think that it is very important to have a theme in your writing because without the theme the story doesn't go anywhere. If you write a story how can you write without a theme? I think that would be really chaotic. The story would jump all over the place but even then it would still have a theme of being jumbled. It is virtually impossible for a story to have a theme because there is no such thing as a story without a theme in my opinion.

2. If the piece of literature is good and attracts a big audience then it will be passed on for a while. Things have good themes, central ideas, and main points will be read for years to come. I can not see myself writing something that lasts because my writing isn't very good. I kind of get caught up in the mix of my writing and I forget to add something and I'll add it later but it doesn't necessarily make sense so I put is somewhere else where it makes equally as little sense as before. It's just one big circle of confusion.

3. I want to be a famous actress and I think that would have an impact on the people around me. I have always dreamed of being on Broadway some time in my life time. I want to be the one who blows people away for a change instead of being in the back round. I want people to remember me and talk to their grand kids about the time when I did something that really amazed them. I want to be the person who kids want to be! I just really want to be famous.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Assignment # 10

1. Something in the world that concerns me is bad teachers. It's really surprising to me how many there are and it concerns me when I take into consideration the fact that almost everything that we learn is from our teachers. It also freaks me out because they are the ones who are the bad teachers yet they are the ones who give us our grades! Then those grades are recorded in our record for colleges to see and if they don't like the grades that we are given they don't accept us and it all goes to the teacher that gave us a bad grade for their sucky performance.
2. I know this person who is BOLD beyond BOLD! She always says whats on her mind no matter if you want to hear it or not. She's not trying to be mean she just feels that she needs to let you know. The thing that I like about her is that I know if she didn't care about me that she wouldn't say the things that she does
3. Explain in detail. Something that really inspires me is good music. When I listen to good music ideas, no matter how random they are, start flowing like there's no tomorrow. The music that has been inspiring me the most lately is the sound track from Le Roi de Soliel. Even though it's all in french I feel like I understand whats going on and how the characters feel and that inspires many ideas in my head.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Assignment #9

1. Happiness is a mix of different feelings. It is an overwhelming good feeling about something. It could be a sense of accomplishment or a sense of pride. It's just basically anything that makes you feel good about something or yourself.

2. Happiness for me is being on stage and performing for others. It gives me a major adrenaline rush and it's really exhilarating. That's not necessarily the case for other people who have stage fright or people who get nervous in front of a crowd. Happiness to me is also being in water. I love lakes, pools, and oceans. They all make me feel really at peace and make me happy.

3.My parents and my friends have the biggest effect on my mood. If I have a bad experience with one of them then I have a bad mood all day.

4. I think that my actions effect anyone who hears or sees me do them. I would say the main people that my actions effect are my parents and my brother because they are around me all the time and have to deal with me.

5. My greatest need in life is attention. I hate to admit it but I love to be the center of attention and when people pay attention to me it makes me feel really good. When people ignore me it really bothers me.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Assignment # 8


  • Play reviews
  • My family
  • Winnie
  • Daisy
  • Cheerleading
  • The Musical
  • Auditions
  • Friends
  • Holidays
  • Non- Fiction
  • Cheer Try-outs
  • The next play
  • competition
  • rumors
  • gossip
  • a bad date
  • sacry story